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Final recipient of the financial instrument co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund under the Operational Programme "Competitiveness and Cohesion".

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Sale of modern and luxury homes in the urban centres of Croatia

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Since 1967 we have nurtured the tradition of hard work and expertise so that we can offer our clients the highest quality and fastest project implementation. See for yourself and contact us!


Building management

Property Management Service we allow people to live, work, play and play are or are taught to be safe and fully functional. Applying european standards, we use all modules to manage the operational procedures for providing technical, hygienic and infrastructure maintenance services. 

About us

MDK Građevinar was founded in 1967 as a family business for construction services. Through more than 50 years of continuous work and experience on all major construction projects, we have grown into an eminent construction company and offer all high-rise services and guarantee quality in accordance with the highest standards of the profession. Our reference list, which includes the construction of residential buildings and complexes, hotels, and business and industrial buildings, demonstrates our opportunities and our aspiration for excellence at all stages of construction.

We have a clear vision of the future, which includes sustainable construction and constant growth and business development. Adapting daily to all the opportunities that the future brings and harnessing the creative potential for progress is our way of serving the community. Our goal is to revive and enrich the old town cores of Hrvatsko Zagorje, and beyond, with new urban residential buildings, business complexes and industrial plants. In the process of implementing projects, both in urban and rural places, we are guided by the principles of modern construction and make changes.

We offer construction services and work on all major construction projects, including residential buildings and complexes, hotels, and business and industrial facilities. On each project we guarantee quality in accordance with the highest standards of the profession. 

We realize every project from the initial idea to the last detail. We are with the client at every step, and we constantly monitor the quality and speed of the works, so that all deadlines are realized in the best possible way. At all stages of construction, we insist on transparency and professionalism, and after the completion of the project we continue to successfully cooperate and communicate with our clients. They recognize our knowledge and work excellence, so through the facilities management service we often return to the buildings we have built, which makes us especially happy.

MDK's vision is to achieve joint development through the exchange of experience, knowledge and skills through the teamwork of our experts, who have qualifications in all fields.

Sustainable construction is aimed at achieving the highest quality and at the same time serving the local community. We always approach each project with enthusiasm and insist on achieving modern, but also timeless, construction.

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