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Moving in September 2023

Availability of apartments

Apartment markingFloorApartment typeSquare meters, 100 m2Status
Apartment 1011st floorThree-bedroom66.47Sold
Apartment 1021st floorTwo-bedroom53.66Sold
Apartment 1031st floorThree-bedroom71.61Sold
Apartment 1041st floorTwo-bedroom57.32Booked
Apartment 1051st floorThree-bedroom74.40Freely
Apartment 1061st floorTwo-bedroom50.90Sold
Apartment 1071st floorThree-bedroom67.65Sold
Apartment 2012nd floorThree-bedroom66.47Sold
Apartment 2022nd floorTwo-bedroom53.66Sold
Apartment 2032nd floorThree-bedroom71.61Sold
Apartment 2042nd floorTwo-bedroom57.32Sold
Apartment 2052nd floorThree-bedroom74.40Sold
Apartment 2062nd floorTwo-bedroom50.90Sold
Apartment 2072nd floorThree-bedroom67.65Freely
Apartment 3013rd floorThree-bedroom66.47Sold
Apartment 3023rd floorTwo-bedroom53.66Sold
Apartment 3033rd floorThree-bedroom71.61Sold
Apartment 3043rd floorTwo-bedroom57.32Sold
Apartment 3053rd floorThree-bedroom74.40Sold
Apartment 3063rd floorTwo-bedroom50.90Freely
Apartment 3073rd floorThree-bedroom67.65Sold
Apartment 4014th floorThree-bedroom66.47Sold
Apartment 4024th floorTwo-bedroom53.66Sold
Apartment 4034th floorThree-bedroom71.61Sold
Apartment 4044th floorTwo-bedroom57.32Sold
Apartment 4054th floorThree-bedroom74.40Sold
Apartment 4064th floorTwo-bedroom50.90Sold
Apartment 4074th floorThree-bedroom67.65Sold


  • The residential building is located in Krapinske Toplice, Antun Mihanović Street.
  • Near the residential building there are spas, hospital, Konzum, kindergarten, school, several cafes, gym, car wash, gas station, bus, market, cinema and other sports and health facilities.

All facilities are located within 1-5 minutes walk:

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  • The residential building is located in Antun Mihanović Street in Krapinske Toplice, which consists of five above-ground floors with a total of 28 residential units and one underground floor within which there are garage parking spaces and outdoor parking spaces.
  • The residential building consists of two-bedroom, three-bedroom and four-bedroom apartments of 49m2 to 72m2 and one office space located on the ground floor of the building.
  • In order to make the most of the attractive shape of the plot, the apartments are designed so that the building is maximally surrounded by greenery. Access to the building will be extremely easy, both for pedestrians and cars, for which spacious garage and outdoor parking spaces are provided.  
  • The investor and contractor on the projects is the company MDK Građevinar d.o.o., which guarantees quality in accordance with the highest standards of the profession. MDK project realization starts with the initial idea, monitors the quality and speed of execution of works throughout the project and ends with aesthetic details in order to achieve modern, functional, but also timeless, construction. At all stages of construction, MDK insists on transparency and professionalism, and, after completing the project, it often continues successful cooperation and communication with clients through facility management services. More information about the company and other apartments in the current offer can be found on the
  • A+ energy class of a building is a certificate that guarantees customers better energy performance of the building, which means that there are significant savings in heat and electricity, and thus less consumption.
  • External PVC two-layer joinery with shutters.
  • Interior joinery – Lip Bled interior doors – sharp wing edge, cardboard honeycomb filling, double-sided, chipboard 3 mm or equivalent
  • On all apartments are installed anti-theft and fire doors, which are soundproof, which achieves a more relaxed comfort of living.
  • In the living and sleeping rooms there are radiators, while in the bathrooms there are radiators "lojtrice". Radiators: plate steel radiator with integrated valve group, complete with vent pipe, plug and suspension accessories as a product of Kermi or equivalent
  • Water heaters: gas wall, condensing boiler for heating as a product of Vaillant or equivalent
  • Outdoor and indoor climate unit as a product of Bergen or equivalent.
  • The floors of the apartments are lined with three-layer finished parquet Tarkett d 14mm or equivalent (the buyer can get a choice between three parquet samples.
  • Ceramic Digits d 10mm or equivalent
  • The walls in the finish are glithandpainted with semi-perceptive paint in white
  • The bathrooms are equipped with impeccable equipment IdealStandard shell and board, Huller washbasin or equivalent, IdealStandard bathtub/shower tray or equivalent, IdealStandard faucets or equivalent

  • Electric meter and central switch are located in the apartment
  • Telephone and TV sockets are provided in the bedrooms
  • Kitchen electrical equipment: ceiling light, stove outlet, refrigerator socket, dishwasher socket, belt socket above the worktop and kitchen hood outlet
  • Electrical equipment of the bathroom: ceiling light extract, power outlet for the overhead light above the washbasin, socket with water protection
  • Thermostat in the living room, telephone and TV outlets
  • Installation of a common antenna satellite system − the possibility of connecting cable TELEVISION
  • Water meters for each apartment are in the cabinets in the hallway of the staircase, and each apartment has a main water valve.
  • Due to separate meters, tenants can influence their own consumption, and thus save on the payment of monthly utility bills.
  • Plumbing installations made using PEX pipes, sewage verticals made by low-noise pipes to reduce noise
  • Low-noise garage door with remote control electric motor

Catalogue of apartments Krapinske Toplice

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Terms of purchase


1st FLOOR 1.850,00 EUR/m2

2ND FLOOR 1.900,00 EUR/m2

3rd FLOOR 2.000,00 EUR/m2

4th FLOOR 2.100,00 EUR/m2

  • Mandatory purchase of a garage parking space or outdoor parking space
  • The buyer does not pay the agency commission
  • Buyer does not pay real estate transfer tax

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